Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Adventures of Superman" Seasons 5 and 6

I usually don't use this blog as a promotional tool, but I was definitely honored to have been invited to participate in the special feature of this DVD set (which is due for release on November 14)... and I was knocked for a loop that my name is on the back of the box. I was expecting to be lumped into a "various Superman scholars/authors" notation, but all four of us were actually named. Here it is, courtesy of

As long as I'm getting personal, I should probably explain what's been happening with this blog... or, more specifically, why this blog hasn't been happening much. In short, a number of factors have prevented me from giving this space as much attention as I'd like. My home computer crashed for a time. My scanner stopped working. I got a new computer at work, which doesn't include the program that allows me to make DVD captures. And, most of all, real life keeps getting in the way.

Perhaps, since this is a blog that focuses on old TV, I can resume a full slate (for me, anyway) of posts come the fall. I certainly hope so. There's much more I'd like to say here. Meanwhile, if you're a new visitor, please peruse the previous 6 months of archives; if you're a regular, you could do the same and call it "summer reruns."