Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hello, Angie Dickenson!

I was a little late in learning that there's an Angie Dickenson blog-a-thon going on around the web today (details here: And since this blog's focus is television, I thought I'd post the following TV Guide cover. Anybody know which one's Angie?

Yep - the brunette on the left. I may be wrong in ascribing this as Angie's first major public appearance, but I haven't seen anything earlier around the web this morning! This issue is from October 1953... and Angie was one of six winners of the "T-Venus" competition, for which the prize would be to appear on The Colgate Comedy Hour during the 1953-54 season. I haven't yet determined on which date(s) the appearance(s) took place, but perhaps a more savvy Angiephile has that information.

Here's the article:

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Dennis Cozzalio said...

Great photos, Michael! Thanks for taking part. It took a lingering gaze to pick her out, but that's her, all right. I'll put a link to your post on my article.